Orbs & Angels

Hello dear friends,

here is a new video of orbs and angels I recently had the pleasure take pictures of.
This one is very SPECIAL to me because I was able to take the most amazing picture so far…

I’m sure you’ll know exactly which one I mean…thanks for watching,commenting,sharing and spreading the word about these wonderful beings.





Recently many people wrote me and asked me how to take orb pics.
They asked me which camera I use, how I do it, if there´s a special technique or a special meditation which I practice before I start…
That´s why I decided to share a few things I’ve learned about taking orb pics…

When I started taking them it was not on purpose, it just happened accidently.  I knew a few things about orbs but at that time I didn’t know that I was also able to take orb pics. We were planing to sell some funiture online and therefore we took pictures. Suddenly I realized that there were  orbs in every picture . First I was so surprised and a little scared too, so I immediately started smoking out the whole house.

I made a few pics of every room in our house and there were orbs everywhere. I paniced a little and called our dear friend Mrs. Wipi. She told me to continue smoking out the whole house and say a little prayer. I followed her advice and  started to relax. That evening I took hundreds  pictures of all of our romms and after all it was kind of exciting too. That’s how the whole orb thing started for me.

Day after day I was taking pics inside and outside the house and it was very fascinating. I learned that they were following me, that if I asked them to change their colour they did, it seemed that they were trying to interact with me and I just opened my heart and listend to what they had to say. Our whole family started to take pics and the kids were thrilled that they could do it too.

So If you would ask me if I have a special technique I’d have to say I don’t. I also don’t have a special camera. I just have a cheap digicam.
I also don’t have a special ritual or meditation before I start. The only thing I do is opening my heart and inviting them to come. I open all the doors and windows inside of me and I invite the orbs to come and show me their light and love and all the messages they have for me.

So if you want to know if YOU can do that too, I’m certain you can.
Wait until its dark, take your digital camera, go outside, open your mind and heart and just start. Everything else will come your way.

Light and Love







Helmut Channeling 04.04.12

On that day, before we talked to Helmut, something happened that we thought had already been resolved once and for all and we were a little off-balance. I was angry and wanted answers from Helmut. I had a hard time accepting the situation and trying to see the upside.
After some initial questions this was our conversation…

H: Do you remember the first time you saw your healer friend Drago? What did he do first?

K: He opened my heart.

H: Before that?

K: He looked me in the eyes.

H: Why?

K: Maybe he thought I was pretty…I don’t know

H: What did he do before he ever started with the healing?

K: He talked to me

H: What did he want to find out?

K: What the cause auf my problem was?!

H: In order to make healing possible, he needs to know where and why you need to be healed, right?

K: Yes

H: If you want to climb the highest mountain, wouldn’t it be good if you had climbed some smaller hills before?

K: Yes

H: You don’t know about the danger of mountains. You don’t know where it is safe and where it is unsafe to climb. You don’t know what to pay attention to. You are not here to wait and drink tee.
Now that does not mean, that your whole life will be one big problem. It only means, that you need to know what exactly the problem is before you can heal. It’s the same with your clients. You have to hear their story, right?

K: Yes

H: It’s the same here. You can never be in any danger, if you don’t allow for fear to get you there. Then you’re leaving your purpose, the reason you’re here for.
It’s fear that keeps everything that is divine away from you and invites everything that is of low vibration.

It’s fear, that creates all the negative and doubtful thoughts. It’s fear that opens a door for all the negative and bad things, you don’t want and need. I want to tell you something.

From now on you will meet every situation from a balanced state, with your infinite wisdom and your divinity. If you do it, there is nothing that can defeat you. Do you understand?

K: Yes.

H: It is very important, because at this state of balance and divinity you can receive and give in the best possible way. It means, that everything that is important for you, will find you, and everything that comes from you and is important for others, will find them.

This is the most basic and natural form of exchange. Only if you centered you can feel, be and live your best.
Do you understand?

K: Yes

H: Do you remember your light-journey across the world? Remember your wings?

K: Yes

H: That’s what you have to do, that’s what you are here for. Do you have a question?

K: Last time you said we’re done with this whole thing (the situation from earlier in the day) Now it’s happened again. Not as bad as last time, but that’s also because we’re case-hardened. We’re still at the same spot, and it seems like there is no end to it.

H: That’s very important and very good. It’s in your nature, because you incarnated as humans, to look at these experiences as something negative, when in fact they only help for souls to meet, that already agreed to meet. The circumstances are only important in the physical world…

K:…but that’s the world we’re living in.

H: No, it’s an illusion. It’s just the playground on which it’s all happening. You feel yourself, how exhausting anger, fear, frustration and grief are. Your body and your soul are on a much higher vibrational level than before. This also means that karmic reactions occur immediately. There is no delay. The way you express yourself and what you accept, even if it’s not meant for you, is naturally your decision. Let me tell you, it’s not meant for you.

K: You said before that there were going to be big and beautiful changes in our lives, that we have done what needed to be done here. That’s not how it is at all. It seems like there’s a new challenge every day and we stay in the same spot. We are not free.

H: I can feel your anger, but I’m not the one who’s steering. I never was and I never will be. I didn’t write your story. I’m never in the way and I can only see what you could see yourself anyway.

K: Okay, so what’s the positive thing about today? Everything has gotten worse. So what is the good side now? Okay, we were not swept off our feet like the first time, that’s true…

H: If you would finally allow yourself to connect with me, you would be able to see it for yourself.

K: What would I be able to see? What?

H: The very thing you’re fighting so hard.

K: Fighting what?

H: Unfortunatley  I can’t tell you anything you haven’t heard yet.

K: I can understand now why Berta always wanted to be in the subtle body world instead of the physical world.

H: You have two choices. You can look at yourself, your surroundings, your actions, all the people and the whole world the way they appear to you right now. That’s also the beginning of the limitation to your 5 senses. This also means that you will see the very same thing tomorrow.

Or you can choose to take the path you have started to walk a long time ago by seeing the world, not just the way it should be, but the way it’s it was really meant to be.

K: Listen to me now. I was never in the 5-sense reality lately. I was in the exact intentional state of mind/world you’re talking about and always tried to be love, give love, hug the world, but still…

H: Why?

K: Because it felt good. But still…

H: Why?

K: …But still I was sitting there today (referring to the situation) in the physical reality and I keep asking myself why this is happening over and over again?

H: What expectations were your actions based on?

K: Maybe I thought that I wouldn’t have to deal with those kind of things anymore….

H: Well, it’s important. You decide how you look at it, not me.

K: What is going to happen now? What will the end result be?

H: Where is your fear coming from?

K: Because I know that justice isn’t always just in the system we live in. And because a lot of things happen because people want it that way, regardless of justice.

H: Who are you?

K: I know who I am, but it doesn’t help me at all. Because nonetheless, I have to go through all this for the second time.

H: Who are you?

K:mmhmh ( a little grumpy;)

H: You couldn’t function here and now, and be who you are, if hadn’t incarnated as a human being…

K: Yeah, what a „great“ idea…

H: You are the answer, you are the solution. You guys are always the solution. It’s not within you, you don’t carry it with you, you are the solution. Right now you’re playing pingpong with your appointment, with who you really are. You accept it, push it away, accept it, push it away…Accept it!

That was the end of the conversation and although I was resistant and had a hard time giving up my state of anger and frustration I accepted what Helmut told me and I felt the truth he spoke deep within. He is very patient and takes the time to meet me exactly where I am and take me where I need to be.




K: Today I read that everyone of us has a vibrational name. Is that true?

H: Yes

K: Do you have a vibrational name as well?

H: Yes

K:What is it?

H: Melonin

K: Today I read that the real story of Jesus has been written down through channeling. It says too that Jesus is the son of God but it doesn’t feel harmonious to me.

H: My dear, you’re god’s daughter and you are a goddess. You must acknowledge that people live in their own world and while you can slowly remove the roof, take out the windows, the doors, one wall after the other…while you can open up all those places and remove them, the most challenging thing to remove is the foundation.

Do you understand?

Everybody is to open up in his world first. It’s  a process. A name is far less important than what it is really about. If there is talk about Jesus, the son of god, it is because it resonates with millions and millions of people and makes them receptive for the truth. Do you understand?

K: Yes, I do.

H: The day will come when all the boundaries of the earthly religions will be removed. Because in fact there are no boundaries. This will be the universal freedom.

K: Yes I have noticed something. The people that channel might be very different but it plays a huge role what they believe in and who they are at that moment in time.

H: Let’s say a little Mohammedan in the Persian steppe has an epiphany and Mary, the mother of god, appears in front of him. He wouldn’t understand it, would he?

Do you understand?

K: Yes,I do. Now I have another question. When Mayer Amschel Rothschild died, did he go to the same place as you? He was clearly a vicious person, so is there something like an illumination for him too? What happens to a soul like that? 

H: That’s an interesting question, isn’t it? It is quiet challenging to explain it within the limitations you as a human being are exposed to. There is an infinite empire of souls.

K: That’s where you are?

H: This is where everybody goes to. However also the infinite empire has been divided, when the souls have decided to incarnate, inhabit galaxies and planets and experience a physical life.
We were and aren’t ONE anymore in the original sense. Do you understand?

Because souls are occupied by the dark powers and demons, there is now a difference betweend the empire of souls where the lightworkers go, and the empire of souls the workers of the dark go. It doesn’t mean that these souls are banned from the empire. It just means, that they still have to learn a lot.

K: Are they being sent back to earth?

H: Yes, pretty sure.

K: But are they being sent by the dark forces then?

H: The souls can decide for themselves if they want to withstand the temptations of the dark side or not.

K: And how many souls do withstand them?

H: There is another problem though. The dark forces have, to some extend, managed to lock the souls. This expands into science because it has to do with the prolongation of life. They try to prevent the souls from transcending into the infinite empire. Do you understand?
There are also fights to be fought in the in the subtle body world. There is a much bigger correlation but this is not the subject here and now.

K: That’s really a great pitty, isn’t it? Why does it have to be that way? I don’t understand. Why does there always have to be a dark side? Everybody could have a wonderful life. I don’t understand it.

H: You wouldn’t be able to see good, apreciate good. Not yet.

K: So these souls are basically being used over and over again?

H: There is always the attempt, but it doesn’t mean that it’s successful.

K: Did Mayer Amschel Rothschild come back to earth?

H: The way I see it, he never left.

K: Left the earth?

H: Yes

K: Can you say something about the big changes that are going to happen until Dec.21st 2012?

H: Right now there a flood of communication between earthly and earthly, between earthly and off-world, and between off-world and off-world. Something completely new is being tried. It is still uncertain if it’s going to work out though. Because the judgement of god, as you call it, and the great remorse almost intersect, do you understand?

K: What does that mean?

H: It means that still everything is possible. Clarification is coming, I can see it.

K: In a few months?

H: Earlier

K:Dec.21st, is it a crucial date because of the Mayan calendar or is there something else?

H: There is no crucial date, other than one that is being created by energetic vibrations.

K: And that is the case with Dec.21st?H: It depends on the number of people that give so much meaning to it. The world was not created in one day and it will not perish in one day. Do you understand?

K: Yes. A lot of channelings talk about the fact that on Dec.21st 2012 huge things will happen, like the great flood, 3 days of darkness and such.

H: The cleansing will come my dear.

K: Yes, it is necessary.

H: You may ask for it without feeling, because thereby you’re paying respect to mother earth.

Do you understand?



Helmut is our friend from the other site. We started talking to him about 8 months ago. I don’t like the word channeling too much, but I’m going to use it to avoid any confusion. My husband is the medium and I usually ask the questions. For those of you who are new to channelings – there are many explanations out there but there is not one single truth. What it basically means is that a person receives messages or can interact with a soul from the subtle body world or another dimension. This is not limited to souls that incarnated as humans.
Many people channel messages from off-world beings or humans from other planets. Helmut found us, we didn’t find him. We never call him, but he usually accepts our invitation. It is wonderful to talk to him and he has a great sense of humor. There are no candles, strange music or mystic rituals involved. It is a wonderful form of communication with a friend that happens to be in a different place. Naturally, out of curiosity we ask a lot of questions and more often than not Helmut will answer them. Helmut will not answer questions like: What are the winning numbers of tomorrow s lottery drawing? He would interfere with our chosen plan of life and the outcome would inevitably be negative.
However he has given us so much information that is priceless. Most of all he has made clear that every lesson in life comes disguised as something different. We talk about history, human nature, the changes that are going on right now, the future of humanity and this planet and so much more. I will share conversations with Helmut from time to time that I feel are beneficial to everyone. If there is something that is unclear, or you don’t understand, please feel free to comment or send your questions directly. I’ll do my best to get an answer or explain it if I can;)

Light and Love