Orbs & Angels

Hello dear friends,

here is a new video of orbs and angels I recently had the pleasure take pictures of.
This one is very SPECIAL to me because I was able to take the most amazing picture so far…

I’m sure you’ll know exactly which one I mean…thanks for watching,commenting,sharing and spreading the word about these wonderful beings.





Recently many people wrote me and asked me how to take orb pics.
They asked me which camera I use, how I do it, if there´s a special technique or a special meditation which I practice before I start…
That´s why I decided to share a few things I’ve learned about taking orb pics…

When I started taking them it was not on purpose, it just happened accidently.  I knew a few things about orbs but at that time I didn’t know that I was also able to take orb pics. We were planing to sell some funiture online and therefore we took pictures. Suddenly I realized that there were  orbs in every picture . First I was so surprised and a little scared too, so I immediately started smoking out the whole house.

I made a few pics of every room in our house and there were orbs everywhere. I paniced a little and called our dear friend Mrs. Wipi. She told me to continue smoking out the whole house and say a little prayer. I followed her advice and  started to relax. That evening I took hundreds  pictures of all of our romms and after all it was kind of exciting too. That’s how the whole orb thing started for me.

Day after day I was taking pics inside and outside the house and it was very fascinating. I learned that they were following me, that if I asked them to change their colour they did, it seemed that they were trying to interact with me and I just opened my heart and listend to what they had to say. Our whole family started to take pics and the kids were thrilled that they could do it too.

So If you would ask me if I have a special technique I’d have to say I don’t. I also don’t have a special camera. I just have a cheap digicam.
I also don’t have a special ritual or meditation before I start. The only thing I do is opening my heart and inviting them to come. I open all the doors and windows inside of me and I invite the orbs to come and show me their light and love and all the messages they have for me.

So if you want to know if YOU can do that too, I’m certain you can.
Wait until its dark, take your digital camera, go outside, open your mind and heart and just start. Everything else will come your way.

Light and Love